VMEConnect FAQ’s

Where can I find my VME Membership ID?

To find your VME Membership ID you need to be a member of VMEConnect. 

  • Your VME membership ID number can be found by logging into the Member Login page on the website located here and clicking on the VMEConnect Tab. 

  • The VMEConnect Tab will have your Member ID and will also have directions on how to sign up for VMEConnect. 

I am a VME Member, how can I sign up for VMEConnect? How can I login?


  • Go to VMEConnect located at this link.

  • Click "Get Started" or "Join" 

  • Use your email or, for fastest sign up, sign up using your Linkedin user name and password. 

  • Fill out the application

  • Cut and paste your VME membership ID when prompted.

    • Your membership ID number can be found by logging in here and clicking on the VMEConnect Tab. 


I have tried to sign up for VMEConnect, but I can not get past the greyed out “continue” button, what should I do?


If this occurs it usually does so because all the fields are not filled out. Follow the following steps.

  • Confirm your passwords match

  • Confirm ALL the fields are filled out correctly.

  • Agree to Terms of Use.

  • Confirm your membership ID is entered.

If you are still having this issue please send a screenshot, your viewing browser, and email address to: join@vmeconnect.org

Why is VMEConnect on a vme-connect.com domain?

VMEConnect is its own platform, and needs to be hosted on a separate domain than our website. Both VMEConnect.org and vme-connect.com are owned and operated by VME a 501c3

Can outside industry guests be on the site?

Outside industry guest can be on the site IF:

  • They are a verified hiring manager sponsored by a leader of VME

  • They are a verified casting director sponsored by a leader of VME

  • They are a verified industry mentor sponsored by a leader of VME.

This criteria is to ensure that all guest on the VME platform are verified to prevent SPAM or PHISHING attempts with our members.

Someone is acting inappropriately / unprofessional on VMEConnect, can I report them?

You can email join@vmeconnect.org to give VME membership a heads up of inappropriate comments or bullying. VME Leaders will inform our membership committee and appropriate actions will be taken.