Who Runs VME?

VME, a 501c3 non-profit, is led by an appointed and volunteer Board of Directors with Volunteers who act in support of the Board of Directors.

Additionally, VME has a volunteer Board of Advisors that provides feedback and guidance to VME's infrastructure, policies, partnerships and future events and projects. Additionally, the Board of Advisors provides another way for members to give ideas and feedback to the General Managers and the Board of Directors.

Volunteers are at the core of VME success. We simply could not exist without help from our volunteers when they are available.

If you're interested in volunteering for VME please click here. Here are some areas we could always use help in:

  • event volunteers (parking, catering, photography, site preparation and clean-up)

  • members to help edit event videos for the website

  • picking up items for events

  • social media

What does VME do?

Veterans in Media & Entertainment, more commonly known as "VME," provides a place for the entertainment industry and the veteran community that works in entertainment to connect. VME also provides a place for veterans working or aspiring to work in entertainment a place to network with and learn from one another. VMEConnect is an online platform where veterans can network with one another, check out the job board, groups, events in their local areas, and meet industry professionals.

Are all members verified veterans?

Yes, in order to get approved to have a profile on this website each veteran has to have produced proper documentation verifying their service. After their documentation has been verified they are able to create their profile.

Is this service free?

VME wants to make it as easy as possible for veterans to get hired in the entertainment industry. There is a $25 application fee that helps off set the cost of the membership committee and events. The application fee allows you to join, create, and update your VMEConnect profile. It is free for you to search the member database and contact members.

How do I join VME Connect and where can I find my VME Membership ID to join?

  • Go to VMEConnect located at this link.

  • Click "Get Started" or "Join" 

  • Use your email or, for fastest sign upsign up using your Linkedin user name and password. 

  • Fill out the application

  • Cut and paste your VME membership ID when prompted.

    • Your membership ID number can be found by logging in here and clicking on the VMEConnect Tab. 



I'm a member of VME and haven't gotten any work yet, why not?

Joining VME does not guarantee any work or job although opportunities for members are announced through VME from time to time. VME only guarantees access to VME social media groups and events in which you can build relationships and potentially create your own opportunities through VME's resources. The film and television industry is a competitive place and to succeed requires perseverance, dedication to your craft, a good sense of humor, patience, and a bit of luck.

I am brand new to this business/this field, does VME provide any tips on how to get started?

No, but once you are approved as a member you will have access to VME Connect and events in which you will be able to connect with the over 3,200 VME members who are willing to offer support, guidance, and mentorship. VME also regularly offers educational and networking events where you can learn from speakers as well as career opportunities from time to time. We encourage you to update and subscribe to VME's email, and to keep up to date on events and opportunities.. Monitor your emails closely and be sure to attend as many applicable events as possible, doing so will help you learn quickly and build your industry network.

I have significantly more experience than others, is there a way that can be indicated on my profile?

Yes, every profile allows you to write a full bio in which you can state your level of experience in detail. It’s important to have a completed profile and current resume as well.

How do I find and hire a veteran in VME?

Click the "Veteran Directory" tab at the top of this website and customize search for veterans in the field you would like to consider them for. Then click on the profiles of the veterans you want to consider. If you want to get in touch with them click on the "Contact" link on each veterans profile to send them a message that goes directly to that veteran.
You can also scroll over the "Veteran Directory" tab and click the "Post A Notice" tab. You can then fill out the form detailing the opportunity you have for veterans and it will be sent to our VME members!

I am not a veteran but want to keep up with VME news, how do I do so?

Please scroll to the bottom of this website, click on the "Join the VME Mailing List" link, and fill out the appropriate information. You will then be on the VME mailing list and receive VME news and updates.

I had a positive/negative experience with one of the VME members I hired, how can I let the organization know?

Click the "Contact" form at the top of the website and fill out the appropriate information. Each message will go to VME staff. We appreciate any and all feedback and we encourage you to let us know about your experience with VME and/or it’s members by clicking the “Contact” form at the top of the website and fill out the appropriate information. Each message is confidential and will go to VME leadership. When interacting with members, VME only guarantees that members have served or are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

How do I get in touch with the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard to provide support for my production/project?

Click on our "Resources" tab to find contact information to each U.S. military branch of service as well as a link to the Department of Defense website that will provide you with that same information.


Why does VME charge $5.00 for it’s monthly events?

VME's events average around 210 + veterans and VIP's in attendance to network with and include high profile keynote speakers and guest speakers as well as a chance to showcase and promote your work. Comparing this value to other entertainment industry networking and educational events, the most common reaction is why are these events ONLY $5.00? After consulting with professionals in the industry, it’s common for VME to be advised to raise the price of admission to the events but VME wants to make it as easy as possible for veterans and the industry to connect which is why there is a bare minimum charge of $5.00 to cover operating expenses which are as follows.

150 members maximum x $5.00 = $750 per event

EventBrite charges .99 per ticket plus 2.5% price of $5.00 for a total of $1.76
(therefore, at 150 members maximum x $5.00 charge, $486 is generated through ticket sales which goes toward the below costs)

less other monthly event costs

American Legion Charges $25 per hour per event for their required parking attendants (average $80)
Church Overflow $5 flat per car (max 75 cars = $375, average 40 cars = $200)
VIPs / Guests free of charge
Bartender $60

Less the monthly operational costs of:

Monthly website $30 per month
Ring Central $20 per month
Mail Chimp $20 per month
BaseCamp $20 per month
Bookkeeping $90 per month

Total = (-$34)

If there is any additional profit, it is added to VME's account to be used for future events including holiday parties and screenings. To that end, VME is a non-profit that currently has no membership fees. VME relies on the good will of the industry and veteran partners to host events and provide free or discounted venues. VME also relies heavily on volunteers to take time out of their schedule to properly plan, coordinate, and successfully execute events.

Why do the VME pins/shirts/merchandise cost money?

There is a cost to produce and ship VME merchandise, we charge in order to either break even, or to raise a few bucks toward building our programs, events, and classes. Every dime is put back into VME. We also support veteran-owned businesses on this site. You can shop at our VME store here. 

Can VME share my crowdfunding campaign for more visibility?

YES! Now, thanks to VME Connect, VME will allow you to post your crowdfunding campaigns on VMEConnect in the Crowdfunding group. Your crowdfunding campaign will reach al 3,200 of our members!  However, we do not post or promote on social media.


I want to partner with VME, what's the process?

Wonderful! Please write us at info@vmeconnect.org.

It seems most activity is in Los Angeles, what can I do from my state? Can VME expand to other states?

VME is a nationally recognized organization, it's primarily based in Los Angeles with chapters in NYC, Chicago, Atlanta / Savannah, Austin, Nashville, Washington DC and more. Please login to VMEConnect to check out the events taking place near you.


I posted within the VME facebook group and my post/comment was deleted, why?

Your post or comment was deleted by one of VME's appointed group administrators because it was a double/multiple post or did not abide by the post-guidelines. Please see the "About" section of each group for guideline criteria.


I am signed up with VME but am not receiving the emails, how can I fix this?

The number 1 reason why members do not receive emails is because the emails are redirected to their spam or junk folder. Please always check there first.
If you don't find it there, next, login to your VME account here, to make sure you are signed up for the specific mailing list you are looking for.  Ensure spelling and email host is accurate.
Once you've done all the above and have found no errors, please send an email to info@vmeconnect.org and one of our membership volunteers will investigate the issue to solve it.


Who can join VME?

Active duty and veteran service members of the U.S. Armed Forces are eligible to join if they are working in or aspiring to work in film, television, media, music, broadcasting, news, sports, or any other field that falls within the Media & Entertainment Industry. 

I applied to join VME and am still waiting. How long does it take?

New memberships can take between 48 hours to 30 days days to process. 

What should my bio entail? Military service or entertainment-related experience? Should I tailor it and narrow it down to just film and television?

The most effective bios have a small description of military service with the majority of the bio encompassing training, experience and accolades in the film and television industry.

I am still on active duty - can I still join?

Yes! When you fill out the information on the "Join" tab please email either a current evaluation, fitness report, PCS or Travel order to: join@vmeconnect.org (REDACT Sensitive information)

I cannot find my DD214, can I provide different documentation?

Any veteran can acquire a copy of their DD214 for free through this website:http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/

What if I am not comfortable showing my DD214 which has all my personal info on it?

The DD214 is required to create a profile and will never be made public or shown to anyone. We ask for REDACTED DD214, (blacked out SSN, DOB, and any information that is sensitive).


What is the policy on member protocol at events?

VME asks that members do not solicit special guests or industry representatives at VME events and meetings to ask for work, funds or personal contact information. It is also forbidden to give unsolicited material (head shots, resumes, business cards, etc.) to speakers and guests unless it has been announced it is ok prior to the event. Each event invitation will have detailed rules and protocol for members attending. Failure to abide these rules can potentially result in removal from the event, future events, and potentially the organization.