Connect With Veterans In The Industry, For Jobs, Mentorships, And Opportunities. 

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VME Connect is a platform that connects veterans to job boards, groups, resources, mentorship opportunities, and all focused on helping veterans reach that next career goal. With 80% of all jobs landed through networking, and with over 75% of executives say mentoring played a key role in their career development, VMEConnect is critical to a veteran's success in the civilian sector after active duty.

Whether they are active duty, reserve, or veterans, this platform will increase your network for professional development.

Through VMEConnect, veterans will have access to:

  • Connections: Get to know other veterans or become reacquainted with old friends. Search for your peers by location, company, experience, etc. Join a group based on your industry profession or discipline, or create your group within the VME community.

  • Resources: Access aggregated resources and relevant filmmaking articles. Share useful tools with fellow veterans.

  • Events: Be up-to-date on everything happening at VME and add your events, film screenings, and crowdfunding campaigns.

  • Jobs: Access thousands of job listings, including those that arrive straight to the VME offices and available exclusively on VMEConnect. Need to hire veterans for a project? Upload jobs directly to the database.

  • Mentorships: Become a mentor to a fellow veteran and help guide someone's unique in the industry. Alternatively, further utilize the network to find a mentor for yourself, no matter where you are on your career path.



Why is VME Connect Important?