Veterans in Media & Entertainment is a nonprofit networking organization that unites current and former members of the military working in the film and television industry.

About VME.

Founded in 2012 as a grassroots movement and 501(c)3, VME is a professional association of U.S. military veterans working in, or aspiring to work in, media and entertainment. Members come from creative and corporate leadership positions to production trades and artisans, and at all career levels. With 3,000 members across the nation, our footprint is currently concentrated in film, television, digital media, theater, music, and gaming. VME is headquarter in Los Angeles with new chapters in NYC, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta/Savannah, and Washington, DC.

In the entertainment industry it’s a “who you know” business and, according to a recent LinkedIn Survey, up to 85% of jobs and internship positions are filled through personal connections, which puts military veterans at a distinct disadvantage due to their length of service (average 8 years).

Our Mission. 

To serve as the premiere alumni organization for veterans in media and entertainment by connecting qualified veterans to career opportunities such as jobs, internships and mentorships. In turn, our senior members serve as role models, mentors, and advisors to veterans new to the industry.

There are three primary ways to connect with VME members: 

1. Our “Veteran Directory”

By using the VME veteran directory on this website, you can search for veterans who work, or are aspiring to work, in all areas of film & television and contact them directly through their personal VME profile. Before any member is allowed to create a profile their service in the U.S. military has been verified so you know you are searching actual veterans. Vets who are actors, writers, technical consultants, gaffers, grips, students, etc. are all in the VME directory. Click here to begin: Veterans Directory

2. Submit an Opportunity

If you have an opportunity (breakdowns, employment positions, events, etc.) that you’d like to offer all or some of our members then you can submit the opportunity to VME and it will be sent to VME members accordingly. PLEASE NOTE ONLY OPPORTUNITIES THAT ARE RELEVANT TO FILM, TV, MEDIA, and ENTERTAINMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED AND SENT OUT. 

VME members subscribe to newsletters and alerts that are customized to what their desired profession is so please be as specific and detailed as possible when submitting an opportunity. Once the opportunity is submitted it will be sent to all members accordingly and you will be contacted when that takes place so you know the information has been sent out. Once the information is disseminated VME members can then contact you at whatever method of contact you’d prefer so, when submitting, please be sure to mention how veterans can respond. Click here to offer an opportunity:  SUBMIT NOTICE

3. VME Connect

Connect with veterans in the industry, for jobs, mentorships, and opportunities. 

VMEConnect is a platform that connects veterans to job boards, groups, resources, mentorship opportunities, all focused on helping veterans reach that next career goal. With 80% of all job landed through networking, and with over 75% of of executives say mentoring played a key role in their career development, VMEConnect is critical to a veterans success in the civilian sector after active duty.

4.  Speak at a VME Event

Jon V1.jpg

In addition to the website, VME holds regular events in the Los Angeles and New York City areas where members can network as well as learn from various guest speakers. VME events give industry professionals a chance to interact face to face with VME members. Past guest speakers have included Ron Meyer (NBCUni CEO/COO), Gale Anne Hurd (producer: Walking Dead, Terminator films, etc), Robert Ulrich (casting director: CSI, GLEE, etc.), Kurt Wimmer (screenwriter: Salt, Equilibrium, etc.), Dara Weintraub (UPM: Mad Men, X-Men, etc.), and more (click “events” to see past VME events). Each event will have a primary speaker that can have anywhere from 30 mins-1hr to speak and do a Q&A. VME also welcomes speakers who’d like to have 2-5 minutes to address VME members. Speakers do not have to be military veterans. If you’d like to be considered as a speaker at a VME event please click here: SPEAK AT VME

If you are seeking official support from the U.S. military please utilize the contacts on the "resources" page. Click here for official U.S. Military support: RESOURCES

VME is a non profit organization and all events and services are made possible by generous donations. If you'd like to donate to VME you can do so here: DONATE


  • Promote and advance veteran involvement within the media & entertainment industry which includes: film, television, music, gaming, theater, broadcast media, streaming media and the arts.

  • Provide a means for the entertainment industry to connect with, hire, and feature current and former members of the military.

  • Strengthen camaraderie amongst veterans within the film and television industry.

  • Link to professional organizations within the industry (SAG, AFTRA, DGA, etc.)

  • Become aware of our fellow veteran’s talents, skills, and resources.

  • Introduce veterans to successful working professionals by hosting guest speakers and workshops.

  • Create an awareness of veterans working within the industry.

  • Provide a means and venue for mentorship.

  • Pool resources for all phases of film & television production.