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VME Supports UNITED WAY HOME WALK raising money to prevent homelessness
- by David Tenenbaum

Ask any VME actor, writer, producer or member about the challenge of finding a fitting place to live in Los Angeles and I assure you, they'll swear that securing billeting was easier while serving in Afghanistan or Iraq.  This town's allure of fulfilling creative dreams is met with a competition of limited resources that rivals a single MRE for a hulking, heaving, fresh from the field fire team.  Ambition and talent are abundant here...alas, luck and an easy way of life aren't.  

It's with both sympathy and empathy then that VFT board members, key staff, and member veterans marched along side about 15,000 at the United Way 2016 Home Walk this last weekend on November 19th in downtown LA. With a noble mission of ending homelessness here in Los Angeles through a variety of permanent housing programs, the nearly $1.5M raised will help some of LA's 47,000 homeless veterans and civilians move off the streets and into fitting homes.

The Saturday VME team civilian ruck was more than just an early morning 5K.  Led by Team Captain Jennifer Brofer, this Marine veteran motivated VME to raise more than double its target donation...Marines have a knack for up and over, above and beyond the standard.  Throw in meeting former NFLer and Rams running back, Eric Dickerson, who helped host the event, and the many other companies, teams and groups based here in LA supporting the cause and you had a Saturday morning that was better than any TDY to Greece.

As Veterans in Media & Entertianment, we may no longer wear the uniform, but we still have every opportunity to serve.  Helping to create awareness for an issue, to raise money for its solution, to participate publicly and proudly and to compel others to join the effort...that still is well worthy of a salute and an honorable way to safeguard our nation."

Post Date: Tuesday November 29, 2016

Rebecca Murga