Veterans in Film and Television teamed up with members of Lionsgate on June 16th in support of the US Vets Organizations 5K/10K run the following day. Ryan Black, from the Grindstone Entertainment Group, coordinated the event along with Stephanie Stone, the Chief Deputy Director of Military and Veteran affairs for Los Angeles county.  The day began with a tour of the campus from Danielle Hanne, a veteran’s community coordinator.  US Vets provides over 600 veterans with housing and access to medical care, and serves veterans in Orange County as well as Los Angeles.

The team from VFT and Lionsgate spent the day making posters to motivate runners, writing Father’s day cards for veterans, stuffing swag bags for the race participants, and slicing oranges for the finish line.  This year saw the number of runners increase from last year and brought in enough money to purchase a van that would be able to take disabled veterans to and from medical appointments. It was an incredibly rewarding event, and US Vets was an amazing organization to support.


Post Date: Monday July 31, 2017